[ ] If uh want to success in life The failures $frustration are the path of ur hard work from which uh have to overcome from all this obstacles The life only demands sweat, hard work, hurdles , its challenging but when uh set ur goal jzt have that strong reason behind it to be stay motivated. it’s necessary for everyone without this uh can never be a successful person When uh start something or think to do just do &start from that time don’t wait for it . At this time uh jzt have to fiercly do lot of work on urself that life demands it’s a long term fruit buy uh don’t have to stop from failures jzt grab every opportunity of life one day uh will be at that success [ ] Reason why uh want to achive:_ the goal , to stay urself motivated becz everytime when uh feel to give Up jzt remember that why uh have started this. It will motivate you [ ] Time management :_ it should be implement with responsibility . [ ] Self discipline :_ without self discipline uh can’t be focused on ur goal . [ ] Planning :_ ideas , plotting mind maps are the key to success. [ ] Keeping urself healthy & fit mentally :_ avoid outside food & uh can start or day with 15 min of exercise & meditating urself it will keep you whole day active jzt observe the morning beauty of nature to relax & free ur mind from every stress. Doing all this with SMARTNESS ; pick with brain is the most important part to be successfull .